In the Gulf of Mexico's oil and gas industry, turnarounds (TAR) are high-stakes events that demand meticulous planning for long-term asset integrity and operational efficiency. Delays and overruns during TARs can lead to significant production losses and revenue impacts. According to a study by GE, unplanned downtime poses a considerable financial burden on offshore oil and gas organizations, where even as little as 3.65 days of unplanned downtime in a year costs tens of millions of dollars in lost output alone. That's why innovative turnaround planning with the R2S Digital Twin application has emerged as a game-changer for leading companies.

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The Power of R2S Digital Twin Technology


Historically, offshore turnarounds, with hundreds to thousands of work packs, posed complexities compounded by teams unfamiliar with the assets. Visualizing in-situ equipment conditions necessitated multiple field visits to help understand the full context of the space that turnaround teams would be operating in, leading to increased costs and safety risks.

The logistical challenge of limited bed space availability demanded a fresh and innovative approach.


R2S Digital Twin for Turnaround Planning:

To overcome limited bed space and enhance collaboration between onshore and offshore teams, the client embraced the use of R2S. This powerful application generated a highly immersive real-world walk-around experience of any facility, using high-resolution 360° images and embedded asset data to create a one-stop data repository.

The digital representation featured tagged equipment linked to existing documents and databases, granting users seamless access to maintenance records, a spare parts database, and other relevant documentation via direct plug-ins linked into existing systems.

Compared to conventional methods, creating a virtual environment within R2S proved faster and significantly more cost-effective in contrast to traditional methods of physically travelling to the asset, allowing teams to remain onshore while providing value offshore.

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The R2S Digital Twin is a transformative force, setting a new standard for profitable and safer turnaround operations in the Gulf of Mexico. By leveraging remote access, visualization, and collaboration, it delivers significant cost savings, safety enhancements, and operational efficiency.

This is only the start for the TAR teams. With consistent updates by onsite teams reflecting ongoing facility modifications, all future TAR work scopes are placed within the R2S environment: critical records of internal inspections, temporary equipment set-ups, and lifting plans. The ‘time machine’ before-and-after comparison feature will save even more time and effort.

Join the ranks of leading oil and gas companies in the Gulf of Mexico by adopting R2S for your turnaround planning. Experience the power of remote access, enhanced visualization, and seamless collaboration to optimize asset performance, reduce costs, and enhance safety during critical maintenance activities. Embrace the future of turnaround planning with R2S Digital Twin - your key to achieving greater efficiency and profitability in every turnaround event.

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