R2S manages complex data


A large national oil company presented us with the challenge of helping them manage large volumes of complex data across multiple information management systems. They wanted a single digital platform solution that used visualizations to deal with asset information in a way that would be both collaborative, allowing them to share information internally, while improving their understanding of their assets across a multi-disciplinary environment.

Solution and results

We proposed a solution that would allow both engineers and non-engineers collaborate more effectively to gain the value of synergistic interactions rather than working in relatively isolated information silos.

  • Focus placed on decision-making processes and their workflows
  • Provided data-rich digital twin with required status and operational updates built in
  • Ensured updates allowed accurate anomaly identification by all teams to foster improved operational understanding
  • Created client ability to minimize ‘failure to fit’ errors onshore, before any personnel or equipment left port
  • Saved client ca. $500,000 per annum by allowing collaborating teams to ‘measure
    twice, cut once’

Case study 1

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