R2S digital twin set to digitalize the Americas


Legacy databases and repositories belonging to an Americas-based national oil company (NOC) were creating problems with finding and using existing information, duplication of effort, project delays, cost overruns and unnecessary re-survey activities.

The NOC wanted to explore proven methods for digitalization with Asset Information Services to help reduce costs due to travel to field assets and improve their ability to share data between teams using legacy systems securely and effectively.

Solution and results

  • The delivery of the R2S digital twin to six client assets allowed them to:
    • Better understand unit controls
    • Identify anomalies remotely
    • Improve planning for operations and maintenance
    • Enhance the information available for decision-making
  • The NOC plans to expand R2S onto all projects in the region, resulting in a projected cost-savings of ~$20 million and 75 person-years


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