Maximising the value of a digital twin through workflow modelling techniques


An international oil and gas independent had previously adopted the R2S digital twin but did not define an implementation strategy. Decision makers wanted to explore their current internal processes and selected workflows to understand stakeholder pain points and shape a robust delivery strategy for the R2S platform.


AIS delivered two one-day workshops focusing on discrete operational areas where R2S was considered to be valuable within current processes. This approach mapped out all pain points lying within the customers’ workflows. By identifying the pain points, AIS was able to create a bespoke digital twin implementation plan.


The approach enabled the oil and gas operator to:

• Ensure the greatest value from R2S by developing a tailored understanding of how the digital twin solution can support its digitalisation efforts.

• Address specific issues by clarifying elements of two key operational workflows.

• Enhance collaboration through the co-operation of eight disparate functions within the workshop setting.

2018 LNGPT1 A07 049

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