Aberdeen, 6th October 2022: Global digital services leader Asset Information Services (AIS), a James Fisher company, today announces the release of a radically reengineered version of its flagship R2S digital twin software, following successful field deployment with a long-term customer.

The new version has reengineered R2S as a browser-based, modular platform to boost accessibility and scalability, and to allow AIS to push regular, user-generated updates directly to project teams. R2S now also combines all visual data layers in a single immersive window, improving usability and enriching users’ experience with their data.

Energy asset owners and operators – whether upstream or downstream, onshore or offshore – use R2S to develop an operational, data-rich digital twin of their assets in as little as twenty days, in contrast to an industry standard of months or years. As the energy transition continues to evolve, digital twin technology is recognised as a key tool for operators looking to maximise efficiency and return from their assets while protecting safety standards.

Martin MacRae, Head of Products, AIS: “R2S has been helping operators make digital twins since before most of us had even heard the phrase. Our digital twins are constantly evolving to meet user needs. From the start, it’s been about pushing a lean, human-centric type of digital transformation that doesn’t require sprawling IT requirements or hyper-specific product knowledge to use. This version takes that philosophy to its next logical step to create the most user-friendly, easily accessible version of the platform we could, because this is ultimately what the industry needs. We are excited about the opportunity to support the energy industry in its transformation over the coming years and will continue to explore way to break down the barriers to digital adoption.”
Sean Huff, Managing Director, AIS: “AIS has deployed our R2S digital twin software on a global basis to thousands of users, from Trinidad to Angola, Ivory Coast, Azerbaijan, the USA, the UK, and Indonesia and beyond to international energy companies, national governments, renewable energy developers, and security services. As we roll out the next iteration of our product our goals are always the same – deliver significant value to our clients while keeping users happy and engaged. It is an exciting time for us – delivering the world’s best digital products matched with high quality, personalised, local service.”