Specialist Technology Partners

Asset Information Services works on a philosophy of partnership and collaboration with industry-leading technology service companies. We seek out and partner with best-in-class companies who think like us and care deeply about providing real, tangible value to clients around the globe.

Together, we bring synergies that represent more than just the sum of the parts, and while that may sound cliché, we still believe it holds true in its promise to exceed client expectations and provide value in solutions to challenges you face everyday. These are our partners, without whom we couldn’t achieve these synergies:


DIGATEX leads the way in helping the Resources Sector transform their critical technical data into instantly accessible digital information, on time, in full and at low cost.

Complex industrial assets such as oil and gas plants have thousands, if not millions, of technical documents, holding critical data needed to safely maintain and operate their facilities. However, all too often this data is dispersed across legacy documents and systems, isn’t accurate, consistent, shareable, up to date or even fully recorded. Productivity suffers, risks and costs increase.

DIGATEX combines AI technologies, data science and extensive industry knowledge to transform legacy unstructured technical data into digitally intelligent information, using their proprietary platform DI-analytics. They analyse any type, any format of technical documents, drawings and data sets (P&IDs, SLD’s, Loop diagrams, Layouts, datasheets, Manufacturing Record Books, Supplier documents and catalogues, Material Master, BOM, etc.) The intelligent content is then made available in their web portals - Knowledge Hub and Inventory Hub.

AIS partners with DIGATEX to provide their clients with fundamental asset information to support operational decision making. We bring together the management of 3D reality data(laser scans, photos, drone footage, photogrammetry) and the management of 2D engineering data (drawings, documents, and engineering data sources) and combine this data to make it easy to access and easy to use.

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Mobideo is a global hi-tech company transforming the way industrial workforces plan, operate, and support execution in real-time. By digitalizing workflows and processes, then leveraging cloud, big data analytics, mobility, and machine learning technologies, they enable owner-operators in asset-intensive industries to achieve unprecedented levels of communication, operational cost-savings, and increased profitability.

AIS works with Mobideo to bring together reality 3D and 2D asset data to improve STO planning prior to the implementation of the MobideoSTO Operating System to drive value into complex shutdown projects.

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A cadre of experts in Turnarounds, Shutdowns, Outages, Assurance & Optimisation, Turnaco supports improvements to asset operations efficiency and optimal business results. Delivering value to clients in optimising Turnarounds & projects, providing assurance and advice to ensure you excel.

AIS works with Turnaco to bring together world-leading Turnaround domain expertise with digital services to deliver repeatable business outcomes on complex projects.

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APIteq is a world leader in photogrammetric digital twins for the oil and energy sectors globally. They are a Norwegian company established in 2005 which has developed solutions with Shell USA, Innovation Norway, and the Research Council of Norway. Advanced Digital Twin solutions have been provided to more than 70 oil & gas and energy assets world-wide,

AIS and APIteq are collaborating to bring best-in-class Digital Twin capability to clients around the world, combining the longstanding APIteq photogrammetric hardware leadership with the leading AIS Digital Twin platform creates a powerful solution for clients.

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Founded in Finland in 1999, Wapice design and connect devices and systems across their IoT platform to gather data, program communication protocols, and create solutions utilizing and enabling the use of Big Data and analytics. Focusing on technology partnerships and digital provision to their customers, their IoT solutions are used to create unique, efficient, and innovative business collaboration and synergy across industry sectors. The collected data can be used to create reports and dashboards for KPI monitoring, maintenance, system optimization and data science and analytics solutions to a wide range of problems, all implemented with a high degree of security and simple cross-ecosystem integration in mind.

AIS is collaborating with Wapice to bring real-time data integration into the AIS Digital Twin platform - providing clients with a best-in-class, flexible and easy-to-use solution for their monitoring and condition data.

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