Delivering Value in the Middle East

The oil and gas industry in the Middle East presents a complex operational landscape. At AIS, we offer innovative solutions in collaboration with our local representatives, United Contracting Company, who operate in Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Our agile digital twin data strategy and SAAS solutions enable teams to optimize their operations, resulting in enhanced collaboration, safety, and significant cost and time savings.

Our team of experts provides tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of the region's oil and gas industry. With a focus on productivity and efficiency, we are committed to driving operational excellence in the Middle East.

Contact us today to learn more about how our cutting-edge solutions can help you overcome the challenges faced by the oil and gas industry in the region.

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Case study: LNG facility

An international oil company’s (IOC) LNG refinery experiences excessive travel time requirements to reach the remote facility – 20 hours of flight time and a boat from the nearest hub city – as well as limited on-site internet and communications.

The IOC wanted a solution that offered the ability for teams to collaborate off-site to reduce cumbersome and expensive travel, although the local legislation forbade data from leaving the country.

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Delivering Value

How we support

Digital Twin Journey

  • Setting out a digital twin strategy supported by an AIS roadmap to arrive at the desired digital state.

Digital Maturity

  • In order to establish a baseline for transformation, our team evaluates the present digital state of your assets (or organization).
  • Simple entry: The acceptance of digital technology is facilitated through incremental implementation.
  • A distinctive adaptive method to reality data collecting, integration, and accessibility that takes into account the current situation and urgent demands of your organization while creating the digital infrastructure you need.
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Integrity & Maintenance Improvements

  • Improve work-pack development process and coordinate work programs to streamline the integrity management process.
  • Assemble and comprehend various datasets with the aid of visuals, empowering nesting priorities backlog is reduced spatially
  • Integrate and connect your various ERPs, engineering data hubs, sensor data, and inspection reports to better manage risk across numerous maintenance projects taking place close to one another.
  • Creation of value from untapped or underutilised datasets from asset management functional teams via the application of AI/ML.
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Enhanced Turnaround Management

  • Reduce time on asset in advance of TAR with remote planning
  • Engage global talent pool via remote collaboration
  • Integrate TAR best practices into digital models to enable ongoing improvement.
  • Enhance TAR predictability and P6 model quality


We have set up the AIS Academy, where we provide a suite of knowledge sharing and training opportunities remotely or at your preferred location.

We are also actively pursuing relationships with educational institutions in the region to train students on new digital technologies to their boost employability prospect.



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