Workflow Modelling

We support our clients to embed our product and service provision into their workflow with a comprehensive Management of Change (MOC) process. This involves us working with client teams to model complex workflows, looking for ways to automate or streamline ways of doing business via a digitised processes.

We utilise a Design Thinking approach - which means we have expert facilitators who can bring together your disparate teams and find common solutions to complex problems.

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In support of this MOC effort, we deploy sophisticated user communications that keep users aligned with product and service roll-out timing - i.e. deployment, training and familiarisation, work pack creation, complex/advanced user functions, etc.

We know that digitisation of workflows is not easy and all users do not adapt on Day One. Therefore, we support your users - training and educating them on their journey of change from the old way of doing business to the new way.

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How is workflow modelling delivering value?

James Fisher AIS Design Thinking

Workflow modelling through Design Thinking

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