Visual Data Management

We're supporting asset owners and operators to continuously drive efficiencies into their operations and digitalisation journeys. The end-to-end solutions offered streamline the ongoing management and integration of visual data (such as laser scans, photography, UAV drone imagery, and sub surface video) into their R2S digital twin model.

Crowd Sourcing Data Collection - R2S Ask

R2S Ask allows users to be the driving force behind the capture of new visual data collection, requesting updated information from key locations on assets which are out of date or in need of update.

This ‘crowd sourcing’ of information requirements puts the user in the drivers seat - ensuring all relevant visual data is both up-to-date and useable for daily needs, which also ensures there is limited re-work or duplication, thereby generating significant savings.

Whilst any data capture technique can typically be requested, the R2S range of Self-Capture kits are enabling asset based teams to take their own imagery, eliminating requirements to deploy survey teams - saving time & money.

Whichever form of data collection is chosen, the next stage is integrating the new data into your R2S digital twin model.


Data Transfer & Build - R2S Connect

In support of this, R2S Connect is a dedicated portal which allows reality capture data to flow back from remote assets to a secure cloud environment - to then be built into the R2S model for delivery to users.

This product allows for a reality data 360° loop to be created - from asset to cloud to asset - ensuring digital twin models stay up-to-date and accurate for all users. In support of this product we also provide reality capture ‘self-capture’ kits to clients to ensure on-asset data capture can happen 365 days a year, thus doing away with the need for expensive surveyors.

We expect that this product + service will become nearly fully automated over time as we work closely with our clients and understand their individual requirements.

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