R2S System Linkage and Integrations

We've found siloed systems prevent the invaluable flow of information across an organisation, between contractors, and within teams. It's why our technology architecture is designed with collaboration in-mind, ensuring your R2S digital twin platform is able to integrate seamlessly with existing cornerstone ERP systems in operation in various parts of your global IT environment.

Integrating with your existing systems

Our ethos is to adapt to the environment you have rather than expecting you to change it all to adapt to our product or service. Clients with legacy systems including SAP, Maximo, ALIM (Bentley) and Documentum, as well as discrete condition monitoring and engineering data management systems have been integrated to our digital twin platform ensuring value has been maximised.


Seamlessly bringing 2D & 3D data together

Additionally, we have extensive knowledge of industrial-scale IoT, thereby enabling us to stream real-time data of asset condition to your fingertips through the core R2S platform. If you capture condition data - we can provide it in context and to all of your users.

This is where we stitch the 3D and the 2D together - giving the user maximum flexibility to move forwards and backwards through the data for as many uses as possible. Following this stitching of data, we then build integrations into client legacy systems (ERP, CMMS, Document Management, etc.) that allow current workflows to begin to change/digitise, thus making them more efficient.

Taking that real-time data a stage further, our Functional Data Analysis service provides clients with AI driven analysis for deeper, value enriching insights.

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