R2S 2D Data Management

In our effort to provide the foundational elements of a digital twin to clients, we also provide the digitisation of client engineering drawings - turning 2D data that is trapped on drawings into searchable and manageable databases - suitable for querying and multi-user access.

Linking this data through to the 3D model data significantly enriches the user experience, allowing for processes and procedures to be improved, thus saving time and money.

Democratising access to this data ensures the user base is able to efficiently do its job and nothing is overlooked. We can also provide a leading edge product embedded within the core R2S digital twin platform, which allows the user to manipulate 2D engineering data for inspection, planning, and other uses.

Fully linked to the 3D data, this very powerful 3D-to-2D combination is what clients are increasingly looking for to digitise their workflows.

2d data

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