R2S digital twin

Your teams are tasked with managing assets and critical project lifecycles (TAR's, shutdowns, overhauls) in demanding environments - delivering to time, budget, and safety performance metrics. That's a tough ask for any team.

Yet, ready access to valid data is today's major challenge for planning and operational teams - data silos, outdated information, disconnected software tools.

As a result your teams and contractors are likely wasting time and money today, physically searching for documents or travelling to site to survey, instead of rigorously planning or executing work scopes.

We believe there's a better way.

AIS R2 S digital twin spherical

Rapidly connect operationally critical data

From our extensive real-world experience in Angola, Azerbaijan, Canada, Gulf of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and the North Sea where technical complexity, remoteness, dispersed teams, high risk, and critical infrastructure feature, we've encountered inconsistencies in identification, integration, and interrogation of asset data that hinders clarity, threatens safety, and increases risk.

The R2S digital twin powers performance by presenting any 2D, 3D, and real-time data in a real-world context to plan better and make decisions faster. It rapidly connects site imagery to your existing data and systems to provide a visually immersive information experience, a uniquely joined-up and valuable view of your assets.

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