R2S digital twin

In high-risk operational settings, we empower owners of complex assets with robust digital capabilities as their teams transition to new ways of working.

However, the prevailing obstacle in today's landscape is the immediate access to accurate data for planning and operational teams. Challenges such as data silos, outdated information, and disjointed software tools are hindering progress.

Consequently, your teams and contractors are likely expending valuable time and cost on physical document searches or site visits for surveys, rather than engaging in meticulous planning or executing work scopes.

Our application is enabling teams to visually plan and deliver work more efficiently, enabling teams to navigate the challenges of managing assets and critical project lifecycles in demanding environments, ensuring adherence to time, budget, and safety performance metrics—an ambitious undertaking for any team.

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Benefits Of R2S Digital Twin Software

Rapidly connect operationally critical data

From our extensive real-world experience in Angola, Azerbaijan, Canada, Gulf of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and the North Sea where technical complexity, remoteness, dispersed teams, high risk, and critical infrastructure feature, we've encountered inconsistencies in identification, integration, and interrogation of asset data that hinders clarity, threatens safety, and increases risk.

The R2S digital twin powers performance by presenting any 2D data data, visual data, and real-time data in a real-world context to plan better and make decisions faster. It rapidly connects site imagery to your existing data and systems to provide a visually immersive information experience, a uniquely joined-up and valuable view of your assets.

Supporting your digitisation journey

Designed and delivered to your specifications, the new R2S platform delivers value anywhere on that digitisation journey - from a simple, repeatable maintenance planning program to hugely complex STO operations on the world’s biggest facilities.

Are you testing new digital workflows on one asset to prove the value? We can design and deliver a small project for you that delivers to your KPIs - allowing you to build your business case for expansion.

Have you decided to digitise all of your assets in a region - driving huge value through your organisation? We can design and deliver hugely complex projects for thousand of users, supporting you every step of the way.

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Delivering client value

We deliver value to you - our client - by building and maintaining your digital twin with robust, accurate, and up-to-date asset information.

We are an ‘information services’ company - and we do it better than anyone. If you want to be an information and data driven organisation that can adapt to complex digital workflows - then working with a partner like AIS who continues to support your evolution is the way forward.

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Managing change effectively

The new R2S platform is slick, intuitive, easy-to-adopt, light touch, and scalable. From years of experience, we know that the best approach for rolling out new digital workflows is to prove value at a manageable level - undertake a small amount of change - and then scale that change up on the back of success - proving the value.

Our scalable technology allows this to happen at your pace: from one user to one hundred users in one month - or from one user to ten thousand in one day, we adapt to you and your needs.

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