Delivering in the Americas

Unlock the power of digital asset management with the Americas based AIS team.

With an on-the-ground presence in Trinidad, Mexico, Canada, and the USA, we're a leading force in the digitalisation of the energy sector.

Whether you're just starting your digital journey or looking for advanced solutions, our combination of domain expertise and inhouse data science delivers operational efficiency and helps solve challenges cost-effectively.

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Remote Design Thinking

Client: Confidential (established Americas O&G major)

AIS conducted a series of Design Thinking workshops designed to align teams around self-discovered solutions to complex and unique problem sets.

The team identified pain points such as multiple planning trips to assets and lack of proper data flow, all of which pointed to the inability to effectively prioritize execution and mitigate risk.

High value in being able to calculate costs and compare solutions, after which they
focused additional workshops on solving other deep-rooted challenges in the organization.

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Delivering Value

How we support

Digital Twin Journey

  • Setting out a digital twin strategy supported by an AIS roadmap to arrive at the desired digital state.

Digital Maturity

  • Our team assesses the current digital situation of your assets (or organisation) and set a baseline for transformation.
  • Easy entry: Incremental implementation breaks down the barriers to digital adoption.
  • Unique adaptive approach to reality data collection, integration and accessibility that reflect your organisation’s current state and immediate needs, while building the digital structure you require.
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Improving Integrity & Maintenance

  • Streamline integrity management process via better work-pack creation, coordinated work programs
  • Collate and understand diverse datasets visually empowering nesting priorities spatially reducing backlog
  • Integrate and connect your disparate ERPs, engineering datahubs, sensor data and inspection reports
  • manage risk more effectively across multiple maintenance projects in proximity to each other
  • Creation of value from untapped or underutilised datasets from asset management functional teams via the application of AI/ML.
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Enhanced Turnaround Management

  • Reduce time on asset in advance of TAR with remote planning
  • Engage global talent pool via remote collaboration
  • Embed TAR best practice into digital model – allowing for continuous improvement
  • Improve quality of P6 model and improve TAR predictability


We have set up the AIS Academy, where we provide a suite of knowledge sharing and training opportunities remotely or at your preferred location.

We are also actively pursuing relationships with educational institutions in the region to train students on new digital technologies to their boost employability prospect.



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