Pioneering the digital transformation of industrial assets

We understand that transitioning to digital operations is challenging, both technically and organizationally. Delivery is key, and informed decision-making critical.

To ensure you succeed where 70% have not, you need a full-service digital partner that understands your business, your challenges, the pressures you and your staff face – a partner who understands how all the moving parts of HSE, operations, projects, engineering, integrity, turnarounds, inspections, must be aligned to get the work done safely, on time, and to budget.

We are a global digital business that brings tangible, measurable value by providing clarity where you need it most, consistency at every level, and rapid access to planning and operational information for your global teams. With our experience in these areas, we can and will support your digital transformation journey - ensuring your success.


Today your world is complex and challenging

Organisations who own, operate, and manage complex industrial, revenue-earning assets face the daily challenge of keeping those production systems running efficiently, whilst identifying safer, greener ways of working.

We believe in enhancing business performance for those organisations through informed decision-making, delivered by digital transformation that's powered by our pioneering digital asset management ecosystem, and centred around a core digital twin methodology.

Our vision of digital transformation is heavily influenced by extensive real-world experience in Angola, Azerbaijan, Canada, Gulf of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and the North Sea. These are some of the world’s most critical energy producing regions where technical complexity, remoteness, dispersed teams, high risk, and critical infrastructure feature.

In working in these environments, we've encountered inconsistencies in identification, integration, and interrogation of asset data that hinders clarity, threatens safety, and increases risk. This is why leaders of these organisations choose to work with us to evolve towards a safer, more efficient, and cleaner data-driven future.

AIS R2 S digital twin spherical

Your digital transformation journey

We know your digital transformation journey will be challenging, but it shouldn’t be daunting. Our agile R2S digital twin methodology and platform ensures consistent collection of data and provision of actionable information from multiple data formats and sources (2D, 3D, real-time) by integrating your existing systems with our asset visualizations. This is our vision of the digital twin journey - how we see the world and where we believe information is created and decisions made clearer.

Your needs shape our solutions

Typically people in complex industrial industries struggle to embed digital tools with their teams without overwhelming them by changing too much, too fast. This is why we work with you to understand your challenges, your work style, your stakeholders and their expectations, as well as the culture of your team in order to provide optimal solutions to meet your needs at every stage.

Case study

New data model enhances risk management

A major North Sea client wanted to improve the efficiency and productivity of an offshore asset but was inefficient in resolving anomalies due to the lack of visibility across the platform. Here's how we deployed functional data analysis techniques to build a robust data model that allowed the client to contextualise anomalies helping to plan work more efficiently, reduce risk, whilst saving time and money on deployments to the asset.